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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Live Event Painter

Weddings    Anniversary Parties     Corporate Events and Galas     Receptions    Special Occasions

This year, my painting has taken me to some beautiful and historic places...The U.S. Supreme Court, The Corcoran, and Artisphere in Virginia, to name a few.  I am full speed ahead on Live Event Painting and I've had the privilege of capturing lovely weddings and other momentous occasions.

My calendar is filling up, so please contact me for your free consult now...

Wedding Reception at The U.S. Supreme Court
Original Oil on Canvas 30"x30"

The Tenth Anniversary Party at The Mandarin Oriental - Washington D.C.
Original Oil on Canvas 30"x24"

Ain't Love Grand
Wedding Ceremony at Fathom Creative - Washington D.C.
Original Oil on Canvas 18"x24"

A Lovely Lunch at Poste Brasserie - Washington D.C.
Original Oil on Canvas 30"x20"

The Capital Pride Heroes Gala at Artisphere - Arlington, VA
Original Oil on Canvas 30"x20"

Thursday, January 23, 2014

By Request

Now Available!

"Dyin' Ain't Much 
of A Living"
12x15 inch Archival Print
Signed by the Artist


The original is an oil on 24x30 inch oil painting on canvas inspired by the poem "Jesus as Outlaw Josey Wales" by Ray McManus, Marick Press.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cupid's Pre-Party at The Studio on F

It's our studio's new name!!  The Studio on F.  We have new artists to introduce you to and a fun night planned, so please join us for:

Cupid’s Pre-Party at The Studio on F

Mark your calendar and get yourself a sweetie; Friday, February 8th is a date night waiting to happen. Between 6-9pm at F St Arts in Penn Quarter, you will be treated to art, dance, and well, treats of course. Don’t miss our guest artists: photographer Karen Landes, cartoonist Josh Kramer, and the gorgeous dancers of Raquettes Latin. As if that wasn’t enough to prep you for Valentine’s Day, there will be contemporary art jewelry, whimsical paintings, and a red heart photo booth. Sips and eats AND byob. (Why not?)


Friday, February 8th, 2013
6-9pm Opening
7pm Raquettes Latin performs


923 F St NW, Studio 301
Located between Metro Center and Gallery Place Metro stops = all lines!
Parking garage available on 10th between F and E St.


Karen Landes - A natural light photographer currently living in Washington, DC, her current body of work aims to intimately and reflectively capture the personality of the District. She has lived and worked in Japan and southern Italy where she wrote and photographed “In Etna’s Shadow: A Culinary Adventure from Eastern Sicily,” Gemelli Press. info@karenlandes.com
Josh Kramer – A local cartoon journalist, who studied at the Center for Cartoon Studies, Josh is the editor for The Cartoon Picayune, a new bi-yearly magazine anthology of journalism in the form of comics. His self-described “modest” zine is a home and showcase in print for truthful reporting being created in the comics medium. www.cartoonpicayune.com

Raquettes Latin – A dance company based out of Sahara Dance in Washington, DC, Raquettes Latin performs pieces that fuse latin rhythms and dance with traditional bellydance moves. Dancers Karen O’Connor-Floman and Heidi Emerson will perform a tango fusion piece to Pulmon by Bajofondo. www.saharadance.com

Sharlaine Anapu – A fine artisan jeweler, Sharlaine’s processes involve experimentation while her designs gravitate naturally toward the simplicity of lines and forms. Her influences stem from a childhood in New Zealand, growing up close to the ocean, and having a profound appreciation for nature. www.sharlaineanapu.com

Analya Cespedes - Her jewelry reflects an attraction to an esthetic rooted in nature. Her uses of shapes allow an exploration of concepts such as austerity, repetition, and symmetry. www.analyacespedes.com

Jamie Caplinger - Jamie captures children’s spirit and beauty in her contemporary oil portraits. With both delicate detail and bold texture, she captures unexpected moments and expressions that cause the viewer to smile, laugh, or reminisce. She specializes in uniquely capturing a baby’s first year in an exquisite series of paintings. www.jamieLcaplinger.com

Denisa Piatti - A contemporary jeweler, who has spent much of her life in Slovakia, Scotland and Zanzibar, draws her inspiration from distinct organic forms, which she transfers onto contrasting mediums. In her work, she combines precious with non-precious materials in the form of jewelry and stimulates the wearer or viewer to ponder about what makes jewelry precious.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Thank You Volvo Driver

This made me laugh out loud today on my way home from work...
And I love to laugh out loud. (Not to be confused with loling)

Surely, he knew he was on the curb (it is a high, square one)...

Parallel parking isn't for rookies, folks.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sketch Lounge

I hit up a sketch lounge last week at The Dunes in Columbia Heights.

What a great concept...talented artists sketching on site, really great live DJ, and a cash bar to keep the conversation flowing.  

The art varied from photorealistic pencil drawings to collage to urban pen-and-ink mystical characters enhanced with color, stickers, and paint.  

The music, provided by DJs Lucy Papaya and Brandon Russell was spot on.  A little funk, a little vintage rock, totally modern and somehow intuitive feeling...fantastic! 

My favorite artist of the evening was Martin Swift (great name, right?) who was doing exquisite pen and ink drawings on mat board.   Check out his work at http://www.moonbasebase.blogspot.com/

You may be able to track future Sketch Lounges here:  http://blog.somaphony.com/  but no promises, last weeks wasn't on there.  I will blog it if I hear about it (as I may bring supplies next time:) and I will take pictures next time.

I've also got a new favorite (musical) artist of the week...Simon Wilcox.  I think she (they) are so new that they don't even have videos for most of their music, but this is my favorite song Anyone Close  no need to watch it, unless you are interested in the lyrics.  But you should probably tuRN It UP!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


I couldn't get out the door for my evening run until the sun was almost gone for the day, but I'm glad I made it.  Two blocks in I startled a deer out for an evening snack.  I say startled, because I like to think that I am sneaky, but actually, she just turned to look at me for a couple seconds (as if I was bothering her) and went back to munching.  A mile later I witnessed a bat flyby and yet another bat on the way back, (they are actually kind of cute from a distance.)  On the home stretch, with barely any light left, the fireflies were lighting up the ditches around me and I was starting to feel like Snow White with all of nature's activity.
I shouldn't have been surprised to find the frog waiting for me on my doorstep. I considered the storyline of a different fairy tale, and decided that I better kiss him...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Love This...

...alter ego:

...experimenting with Bacon:

...anything off of the menu at Co Co. Sala.  (especially the tuna tartare and chocolate onyx)

...poi.  But not on a rooftop.

...art collaboration with my daughter (she picked the pose, I drew, she colored it in):

...running in the rain

...before he was a blackbelt:

...Analya Cespedes jewelry (piece shown is unfinished):

...having drawer pulls that can open beer bottles

...Zombie Coffee!

...can't eat, must draw:

...the upside-down room at Madhatter's:

...bunny drama:
...happy bunny...                                         ...silly bunny...
 ...mad bunny...                                          ...sad bunny

...food tents

...decorating eggs with tape and food coloring:

...girls who climb trees:

...picnicking at the National Cathedral:

...ugly fish:

...Mommy as hairdresser (it always looks best the first day):

...playing with depth on your iPhone:

...puzzles by Thom Spencer:

...the photography of Francesca Woodman (I snuck this pic at the Guggenheim):

...version of "Lights" by Ellie Goulding:  Click Me
...new No Doubt!  Click for Video 

...and yes, you guessed it, a cupcake (cherry blossom from Crumbs):

Just a few things I've been meaning to blog about.  Thanks for reading!

Sweet dreams.